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Arlington Speeding Ticket Attorney

Jack Byno Arlington Speeding Ticket Attorney

Call and retain the Arlington Speeding Ticket Attorney with over 25 years of experience in dealing with cases much like yours. Our law office of Jack Byno & Associates has been serving the Tarrant County residents with the regular results that has allowed many CDL drivers to keep their jobs and countless other drivers get their ideal verdicts. We’ll work to find the best outcome for your case as well once you retain us as your defense. By hiring us, we’ll first invest time into find out if you can get a flat out dismissal. If not, then we can also see if you are capable of having us go into plea negotiations with the prosecution. Other clients have wished to pursue a trial, and by retaining us to fight on their behalf, we have often got the results that they wished for through our tireless efforts.

To get in get in touch with our law firm, feel free to contact me by phone, complete a virtual information form we have linked to this website, or by coming to our office in person. Jack Byno has been the ideal candidate for many Class “C” and CDL drivers needing legal representation in the Dallas/Forth Worth metroplex. With over two and a half decades of frequent successes, his track record speaks for itself. He’s also a former municipal judge that is able to fairly and competently handle all the cases clients bring to him. Do not miss dealing with your charges, whether your citation is past due or not. Speak with our legal staff now and discover how we might be able to benefit you as well.

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Arlington Speeding Ticket Pleas And Trials

Plea bargaining is a tactic our lawyers have been more than capable of working out in our client’s favor in a majority of cases. Whenever a dismissal is not an option for those who hire us, we may be able to speak with the prosecutor and demand a lowered offense be given. For many Arlington drivers, this has resulted in taking a Driver’s Safety Class (DSC) or probationary period. Several CDL drivers has been surprised to discover we know how to massage the system in their favor as well. When you retain us for a trial, you’ll see how we bring an aggressive defense to the courtrooms. We’ll enter with the tactic of demanding proof to be given to back up each detail of your speeding case, or else demand the charges be lifted or reduced. Discover what all our law office can do for you by reaching out to us today.

Arlington CDL Speeding Tickets Defended

Do not lose your Commercial Driver’s License in Tarrant County if you can avoid such a fate. Our attorneys can regularly defend Arlington long haul truckers, but many make the unfortunate decision to go ahead and admit guilt to the charges when they were not deserving of them. Often, companies may be able to fire their CDL driver because of something as simple as one guilty speeding conviction. If your livelihood is on the line, do not allow a ticket, whether serious or non-serious, to alter your life for the worst. Call upon our the Arlington CDL Defense Lawyer to help you out like we have for many over the road truckers for more than 25 years.

Arlington Lawyer Posts Bonds & Lifts Warrants

You’ll want to get your bond posted fast if you wish to resolve a warrant in Arlington quickly. Jack Byno & Associates contains the competent team of lawyers who know how to achieve just that for our clients. By hiring our law office, you’ll get your bond sent to the appropriate court with little asked of you along the way. To get the process started, you must have one in alias status, issued after letting a speeding ticket go past its court date. You also cannot have entered “guilty” or “no contest” as your plea, nor have gone to court. If you have a capias warrant, that means you have lost a trial, but did not follow the verdict the judge gave. Unfortunately, we cannot help in such a case. You will have to resolve the matter yourself or else face jail time.

Arlington Warrant Roundup Defense

As the Tarrant County Warrant Roundup persists, know that the Arlington Police Department will be out in droves hunting down anyone on their wanted list. If you have a warrant, that means that you will be sought out too, especially during this time. Increased patrols will be made along the highways and residential streets in a concentrated effort to pull over anyone for any reason allowed. One minor car collision or a busted brake light is all it takes for an officer to arrive on the scene. If they run your information and see that you have a past due speeding violation on file, then they are demanded to arrest you on the spot, no questions asked. Call the Arlington Traffic Warrant Roundup Lawyer today and see if we can post your bond immediately so as to avoid the embarrassment of an arrest.

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By seeking out our law firm to represent you, you’re already taking several steps in the right direction. If you allow the charges to stay, or admit guilt, then they end results will always be worse than if you attempt to fight the allegations. Even the most seemingly unavoidable charges were often altered through our legal teams’ concentrated efforts. To find out how we might be able to benefit you with your case as well, contact me, the Arlington Speeding Ticket Attorney, and let’s head towards a final resolution.

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About Arlington, Texas:

– The moderate value of a single-family home in Arlington was about $132,500 in 2010.

– Five independent school districts and three institutes of higher learning are located in Arlington.

– Arlington’s city limits contain over 90 square miles of land in total.

You can find the official City of Arlington website here.