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Northlake is a growing community located in Denton County, Texas. It is along Interstate 35W between Fort Worth and Denton. The Northlake Police Department issues many citations to commuters driving between those two cities every day. Jack Byno & Associates are experienced traffic ticket attorneys that have defended clients in Denton County since 1994. Contact us today to get help with your Town of Northlake traffic violation.

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Northlake Participates in Warrant Roundup

Many people receive a traffic citation and then something comes up or they just forget about it. Once the due date has past, the court issues an arrest warrant and they will issue an additional charge of  Failure to Appear (FTA). Northlake, Texas participates in the Annual Statewide Warrant Roundup. During the Warrant Roundup Northlake Police Officers, State Troopers and other Law Enforcements officers will go to any means necessary to arrest anyone with warrants. They may show up at your home, workplace or any other place you might be to arrest you. Contact us to lift your warrant and save yourself the embarrassment of being arrested during the Northlake Warrant Roundup.

Denton County Traffic Warrants Lifted By Attorneys 
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Denton County Attorney Lifts Traffic Warrants

Once you retain Jack Byno & Associates to lift your Northlake traffic warrant, we will post bond so the Northlake Police Department will no longer be looking for you. Once your warrant is lifted, the court will set a new court date. At the court date one of our attorneys will appear on your behalf. The attorney will also attempt to work out a deal to keep the violation off of your driving record. After the Court Date, our office will contact you with the outcome and instructions on how to pay your fine to the Northlake Municipal Court. Contact me to post bond to lift your Northlake traffic warrant.

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Contact a Northlake Warrant Roundup Lawyer

Jack Byno & Associates have represented clients in Denton County, Texas with traffic citations since 1994. They can also can assist with traffic warrants, speeding tickets, driver’s license suspension hearings, occupational driver’s licenses, and CDL violations. Contact me, an experienced Northlake, Texas traffic ticket lawyer today.

Special note : The statewide warrant roundup has begun! There are a lot more  cities participating in the Great Texas Warrant Roundup.


Fines and court costs are not included in fees for legal representation.

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