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CDL and Trucking Violations

Dallas CDL Attorney

Texas Traffic Violations Lawyer

If you are a professional driver, you depend on your commercial driver's license (CDL) for your livelihood. A moving violation or speeding ticket could put your job in serious jeopardy. The stakes are too high to risk going to court without an experienced attorney at your side. At the Colleyville, Texas offices of Jack Byno, Attorney at Law, I help truckers and other CDL holders with their traffic violations in the greater Dallas - Fort Worth area.

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Traffic Violation in Texas?
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The challenges in the court system facing drivers with a CDL are much greater than those facing people with standard licenses. There are fewer options for case dismissals and it is harder, but not impossible, to reduce or fight to reduce the points. Contact me to learn about your options.

  • Grounds for dismissal: The first thing I will do is pursue all possible grounds for dismissal. If such grounds exist, you will have all charges thrown out with no further consequences.
  • Keeping citations off your record: If the charges are legitimate, I will work to reach a settlement where the charges are not on your driving record.
  • Minimizing the damage: Even when the citation goes on your record, I will work to reduce the points and keep them as low as possible.
  • Going to trial: If you are willing to pursue litigation in order to fight for your rights, I will represent you strongly in trial.

Out-of-State Truckers

If you've been ticketed for a moving violation or equipment violation while driving through Texas, your CDL may be in jeopardy. Do you want to avoid points on your record, but you are unsure how you can do that from thousands of miles away? I can go to your hearing on your behalf and negotiate for the best possible settlement given the facts of your case.

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I have been helping CDL holders with their traffic violations for over a decade. Fighting for your livelihood doesn't have to be difficult. From my office in Colleyville, Texas, I make traffic violation representation easy. Contact me today for a consultation with a CDL traffic lawyer.

Fines and court costs are not included in fees for legal representation.

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