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Dallas Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Fort Worth Traffic Warrant Law Firm

I am Jack Byno, an experienced traffic defense attorney. From my offices in Colleyville, Texas, I help people throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area fight their traffic tickets. Whether you've been ticketed for speeding, running a stop sign, not having insurance, or anything else, I can help you minimize the consequences of your citation.

Traffic Violation in Tarrant County or Dallas County, Texas?
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If you hire me to represent you on your traffic ticket, I will show up at your hearing and negotiate on your behalf. Before negotiation begins, I will inform you of your options and the potential consequences you face. I have helped many clients keep their licenses, reduce fines, and avoid driving school. Contact me, Jack Byno, today for answers to your questions regarding:

  • CDL and trucker violations: When you have received a traffic ticket, your CDL could be in jeopardy. I understand your livelihood depends on keeping your record as clean as possible.
  • Speeding tickets: In most cases, I can help you keep your speeding ticket off your record so it will not affect your insurance rates.

  • Traffic warrants: Contact an experienced traffic ticket lawyer before being arrested during a warrant roundup.

  • Standard traffic violations: If you have been cited for running a stop sign or driving without proper insurance, I can help you with your traffic ticket.

  • Out-of-state drivers: Were you issued a traffic ticket while driving through Texas? You don't need to return to the state in order to fight for your rights. I can represent you at your hearing.

  • What to expect in court: All local courts handle traffic violations differently. With over a decade of experience, I understand the local court system.

  • Nontraffic violations: Even nontraffic violations can lead to a suspended license. If you are a minor charged with possession of alcohol or tobacco, I may be able to help you keep your license.

  • Alcohol violations: You don't need to be charged with a DUI to face license suspension. If you have been charged with minor in possession or other alcohol violations, I can help protect your driver's license.
  • School zone violations: With more than a decade of experience, I can help reduce the consequences of speeding, passing a school bus, and other school zone violations.
  • NTTA violations: Were you arrested for toll violations, unpaid speeding tickets or other traffic violation fines? I can represent you and protect your rights.
  • Dallas area tickets: In many cases, I have been able to have charges for traffic violations within the city of Dallas completely dismissed.

  • Fort Worth area ticket: Traffic violations in Fort Worth are harder to dismiss, but I can help you without you ever having to set foot in court.

Contact a Dallas Traffic Ticket Attorney

Whether you have a CDL or a standard driver's license, whether you live in Texas or out of state, I can help you defend against your traffic ticket. Contact me, Jack Byno today for a consultation.

Fines and court costs are not included in fees for legal representation.

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