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Have You Heard of the Rowlett Warrant Roundup?

Have you been written a traffic ticket recently in Rowlett, Texas? Did you make it a point to respond to your charges by their specified due date? If you did not, the Rowlett Municipal Court may have found cause to issue you a traffic warrant. Please be advised that an outstanding traffic warrant issued for you by the court is a warrant for your arrest. Unless you get it lifted, and as soon as possible, you may be arrested, and maybe even during this year's Rowlett Warrant Roundup. If you seek professional legal assistance in lifting your warrant, consider seeking it from us here at Jack Byno & Associates.

Rowlett CDL Defense Law Firm

In Rowlett, Texas, law enforcement keeps close watch over traffic flow, day and night, to ensure that all motorists are abiding by traffic law. Should any motorist be caught breaking the law, he or she may be subjected to a traffic stop and written a citation. Have you been written a traffic ticket by police in Rowlett, Texas? Maybe you were while holding your commercial driver's license. Because points will be applied to your clean driving record if you plead guilty to your Rowlett CDL violation, thus placing your means of living in jeopardy, you may now be considering challenging your charges in court.

Rowlett CDL Defense Attorney

Jack Byno & Associates is a traffic ticket law firm with over 20 years of experience in Dallas County, Texas. Our lawyers represent both Class C motorists and CDL drivers, and so may be of service to you in the case that you have been issued a CDL violation in Rowlett, Texas. You may have been for speeding, failing to yeild right of way, or maybe even for an over weight violation at a D.O.T. stop. As a trucker or other CDL driver, you are perhaps looking to challenge your Rowlett CDL violation in court, as opposed to pleading guilty to it. You may also be interested in seeking professional legal assistance in doing so, so that you may have a better chance at protecting your clean driving record. Our law firm may be able to provide you with that assistance.

Rowlett Warrant Roundup Attorney | Dallas County Lawyer

The Rowlett Police Department is gearing up to take part in an annual event referred to as the Great Texas Warrant Roundup. If you are not familiar with this police operation, which is also referred to as Warrant Roundup season, you should know that it sees law enforcement working tirelessly to track down, and to take into custody, as many drivers as possible who have outstanding traffic warrants hanging over their heads. In the case that you have been issued a traffic warrant previously, perhaps by the Municipal Court in Rowlett, you may be especially concerned about Warrant Roundup season and the possibility of your arrest during it. Fortunately, there is a way that you may avoid arrest during the roundup, and this is by taking legal action to get your warrant lifted. A lawyer may be able to assist you with this endeavor.

Rowlett Warrant Roundup Attorney | Dallas County Lawyer

Have you been issued a traffic ticket while driving in Rowlett, Texas? Have you forgotten about your violation, or otherwise failed to respond to it in due time? Then you may now be up against a traffic warrant issued for you by the Rowlett Municipal Court. A traffic warrant is an arrest warrant, and if yours hasn't already resulted in your arrest, it may very well during this year's Rowlett Warrant Roundup. A local branch of the State-wide Great Texas Warrant Roundup, this annual event sees police working extra hard to find and arrest motorists with outstanding traffic warrants. If you would like to avoid arrest during this year's roundup, you need to act quickly to get your warrant lifted. This is a task that you may seek assistance in completing, assistance that may be provided by a local attorney.

Challenging Speeding Violations Written in Rowlett

Speeding tickets issued by police in Rowlett, Texas are regularly challenged by drivers who do not want points added to their driving records. If you have been written a speeding violation in Rowlett, or in another Dallas County city, you may dispute the citation on your own or choose to retain a local traffic ticket attorney to dispute it for you. Whether you are an average, Class C driver or have a CDL, you do not have to plead guilty to your ticket if there is a chance that it could be successfully challenged.