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Kerens CDL Defense Lawyer

Have you been written a citation for a minor traffic offense committed in Kerens, Texas? If you were while holding your commercial driver's license, you may now be considering challenging your Kerens CDL violation in court. This would be in an effort to protect your clean driving record, which you are mandated to keep free of points. Even if you were written your ticket at a D.O.T. stop along your work route, you may seek professional legal counsel in challenging your charges. Traffic ticket law firm Jack Byno & Associates may provide you with that counsel.

Kerens Traffic Ticket Attorney: Speeding and Warrants

In the City of Kerens, Texas, law enforcement is working around the clock to catch and issue speeding tickets to Class C and CDL motorists caught driving over the legal speed limit. If you have been issued a speeding violation in Kerens or another Navarro County town, you have an important decision to make before your citation goes past due. You must decide whether it would be in your better interest to plead guilty to speeding or to challenge your violation in court. If you plead guilty to speeding, you can expect for points to be added to your driving record, but if you dispute your citation instead, there is a chance that your record may be protected. A speeding ticket attorney may be able to dispute your violation if you need help in doing so.

Speeding and Traffic Tickets Defended in Arlington and Tarrant County

Traffic warrants lifted and speeding tickets defended in the following Navarro County cities and many more: Angus, Blooming Grove, Corsicana, Frost, Hubbard, Kerens, Mertens, Mildred, Navarro, Rice, Richland and Roane. 

Kerens, Texas Warrant Roundup Lawyer | Speeding Ticket Attorney

TRAFFIC WARRANTS IN KERENS, TEXAS ARE SERIOUS Traffic warrants can be a serious matter. If you have not taken care of an active warrant, you could be arrested and brought to jail in the coming weeks. In the city of Dallas alone, there are more than one million outstanding warrants, each of them a potential target in this year's Great Texas Warrant Roundup. Getting slapped in handcuffs and being hauled off to jail is enough to ruin anyone's day. If you have unpaid traffic citations, get out ahead of the warrant roundup: contact a Texas traffic warrant lawyer today at 817-685-0912.
KERENS WARRANT ROUNDUP LAWYER Do you have a traffic warrant? Was a Failure to Appear (FTA) issued against you? Where you charged with Violation of Promise to Appear (VPTA)? If you have been contacted regarding your citation, it is time to call an experienced lawyer. I am attorney Jack Byno, and I can help you lift your warrant, before you are arrested. Jack Byno, Traffic Ticket lawyer represents clients with warrant roundup issues and speeding tickets, including CDL holders. Call 817-685-0912.
Traffic warrants lifted and speeding tickets defended in the following Navarro County cities and many more: Angus, Blooming Grove, Corsicana, Frost, Hubbard, Mertens, Mildred, Navarro, Rice, Richland and Roane. Principle office located at 2319 Hall Johnson Road, Suite B, Colleyville, TX 76034. Call 817-685-0912.