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Addison, Texas CDL Defense Lawyer

On a daily basis in Addison, Texas, law enforcement pulls over and writes tickets to motorists suspected of committing minor traffic offenses. If you have been written a traffic ticket in Addison, while on the job with your commercial driver's license, you may be more concerned about your citation than the average, Class C motorist would be. This is for the fact that CDL holders, who include truckers and bus drivers, are generally required to maintain their spotless driving records. If you were to plead guilty to your Addison CDL violation, whether or not it was written to you at a D.O.T. stop, your record may be blemished by points. If you were to challenge your charges instead, your record may be protected.

Addison Warrant Roundup Attorney | Dallas County Lawyer

The annual commencement of the Addison Warrant Roundup is just around the corner. If you are not aware of this annual event, which is a branch of the Great Texas Warrant Roundup, you should know that it sees police placing a special focus on apprehending drivers who have outstanding traffic warrants. In the case that you have been issued a warrant previously by the Addison Municipal Court, perhaps as a penalty for an overdue traffic ticket, but have not yet been arrested because of it, chances are high that you will be during this year's roundup. In order that you may avoid arrest, your warrant must be lifted, and this is something that a local traffic ticket attorney may be able to assist you with.

Addison Warrant Roundup Attorney | Dallas County Lawyer

Maybe recently, while you were driving through the City of Addison, Texas, you were pulled over by a law enforcement official who found you to be violating traffic law in some way. Were you consequently issued a traffic ticket for your offense? Did you let your citation go past due? If you did, and if the Municipal Court then penalized you by issuing you a traffic warrant, you should know about the annual Great Texas Warrant Roundup. Taking place on an annual basis in Dallas County, this event sees police arresting as many drivers as they can who have outstanding traffic warrants. Lest you be arrested by police during this year's Addison Warrant Roundup, you need to act quickly to get your warrant lifted. You may seek assistance from a local attorney in doing so.

Addison Warrant Roundup Attorney | Dallas County Lawyer

In Addison, Texas, the Great Texas Warrant Roundup is about to commence. During this annual event, which sees law enforcement all across the State placing a special emphasis on finding and arresting drivers who have previously been issued traffic warrants by the courts, motorists with pending warrants are sought by police and arrested in droves. Perhaps you were previously issued a traffic warrant by the Addison Municipal Court, as a penalty for a citation that you were issued in the city, but allowed to go past due. If your warrant remains out for you, you may find yourself sought by police during this year's Addison Warrant Roundup. If you are hoping to avoid arrest during the roundup, you may try and do so by getting your traffic warrant lifted. This is a task that a local traffic ticket attorney may be able to accomplish for you.

Police in Addison Crack Down on Speeding Drivers

Have you been pulled over for driving over the speed limit in Addison, Texas? Law enforcement all over Dallas County are stepping up and cracking down in speeding motorists. If you now have a speeding ticket on your hands, and believe that it would be best for you to try and challenge it, do not go about this endeavor on your own. Consider contacting a local traffic ticket attorney. One may be able to help you protect your driving record, no matter if you have a CDL or standard, Class C driver's license.