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Cockrell Hill, Texas Traffic Ticket Attorneys Defend CDL Holders
I am Jack Byno, a Cockrell Hill, Texas traffic ticket attorney that has been representing clients since 1994. When you receive a speeding ticket you have several plea options:
  • Guilty: You admit that the traffic ticket is a violation of the law and you have no legal excuse or defense;
  • No Contest: You neither admit nor deny the charges, but based on the plea there is enough evidence to find you guilty; or
  • Not Guilty: You are denying the charge or that you have a defense.
Contact the lawyers of Jack Byno & Associates for help with speeding tickets, CDL violations, lifting traffic violations, and driver's license suspension hearings at 817-685-0912.
Cockrell Hill, Texas Speeding Tickets Defended By Lawyers
The lawyers of Jack Byno & Associates can help you with your Arlington, Texas speeding tickets and other traffic violations. Our attorneys represent clients every day in Johnson County with speeding citations, ran stop sign charges, ran red light violations, and many other cases. In most situations an attorney from my firm can appear in court on your behalf and get deferred adjudication. That is a type of probation, that assuming you successfully complete it, will keep the speeding citation off of your driving record. Thus, it would not impact your insurance rates or trigger state surcharges. Contact me to find out if you will qualify for deferred adjudication at 817-685-0912.
Cockrell Hill, Texas CDL & Trucking Violation Defense Lawyers
Did you receive a traffic ticket from the City of Cockrell Hill Police Department? Do you have a commercial driver's license (CDL)? Are you a truck driver? A taxi driver? A fireman? You drive for a living. Your livelihood depends upon keeping a clean driving record. As, you know, the law prohibits CDL holders from taking a defensive driving and you are cannot be placed on deferred adjudication (probation). Since 1994, Jack Byno has been representing clients with traffic tickets. If you have a CDL violation contact a lawyer with experience at 817-685-0912.
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